Green kiss

Hello, bet you are wondering who I am, well...

I am Samantha-Jayne, founder of the Very Busy Vegan company and I studied in Vegan Nutrition. I'm a mum to 4 boys and we live in Sussex, by the sea. My family and I have been VEGAN for several years now and cannot shout enough about a VEGAN lifestyle. I want to inspire and empower you through your Vegan, Greener, lifestyle journey and will offer any help I can to guide you. I am interested in all areas of health, Nutrition and fitness. I read constantly and write articles for magazines and other vegan businesses. I’ve lived through the challenge of changing to a vegan lifestyle with all my boys, so I really can help you to have this life of health and happiness - trust me!

I'm a Very Busy Vegan Mum and I've managed it - so can you!

If you’d like to know more visit us on Facebook or YouTube for some of our videos and info about our lives. Whether you are vegan for your health, the animals or the planet, its a choice you will never look back on.

We sell awesome vegan products that we have personally used and we sell vegan cakes and savouries delivered to your door! Check out our videos on YOU TUBE - VERY BUSY VEGAN, to help you in your transition - also on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. We share recipes and hints and tips for a greener vegan lifestyle. I post regularly on dining experiences at different restaurants and write a blog.

Our on-line courses will take you from your first steps to becoming Vegan to staying vegan. They have information on veganism, why it's healthy, we go through nutrition and healthy goals and lead you hand by hand into a healthy lifestyle. Our courses consist of videos, demonstrations and recipes and also free access to our Closed support group. You will receive one free 15 min 1:1 chat with me over the few weeks of the course. You can also buy an hours 1:1 video session with me personally.

We DO NOT HAVE A HIGH STREET SHOP yet sadly, but sell online products through our website and facebook page, we can post to anywhere in the UK and we can delivery locally too. We are working on a long term vegan plan! So watch this space!!!

I absolutely love Vegan cooking, the colours, fresh ingredients and aromas are amazing. No processed foods for us!

I also run a Facebook page called "Samantha-Jayne, Very Busy Vegan". I love to share my stories, recipes and spread the word about being vegan, so if you are interested please look me up there. (We don’t preach or display animal rights info). We have also started a HOW TO VEGAN LIKE A BOSS members page for FREE recipes and extra offers and videos.

I also run a local non-for-profit community project “Olive Tree Cottage Community Open House”, for families with special needs children and the wider community, including free food for those in need via Tesco Fairshare scheme one day a week. Look us up on Facebook :)

Have a great healthy Vegan day :)

Samantha-Jayne x