Can I loose weight on a Vegan diet?

Not only will you loose weight but be healthier too - surely we all need to look after our bodies for our own sakes, our families and the environmental bonuses are countless:

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol, lower rates of heart disease, and type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.

You can eat a 100% plant-based diet that supports excellent health, whilst helping animals and protecting the planet.

In a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, it says individuals who follow a vegan diet for approximately 18 weeks shed, on average, four pounds more than those who follow animal-based diets - even more if you choose a raw vegan diet. I am 70% raw vegan, I find for my body that's the right thing and I've lost over 2 & 1/2 stone - 1 & 1/2 stone since May on a vegan diet. I've never felt so alive, inspired and healthy which is why I promote this lifestyle to others. If you are serious about losing weight talk to us we are happy to guide you. I think you'd be amazed at how easy it is when you cut out Meat, fish and dairy.

Does Vegan food taste good?

Blimey - does it!

It tastes even better - My cakes and bakes show nothing needs to be added from an animal to make great food.

Our family dishes are not only great tasting but sooooo colourful and you know what they say - you eat with your eyes and with all the amazing coloured fruits and veg, you cannot help but make a fantastic looking dish. x

I often hear people say to me, you would not know it did not have dairy in!

But the taste and look are only half the story - it is massively healthier and if you want to be less sick, stronger and live longer, you have to make the move to Vegan food.  It is better for you, for the planet and the animals.  One word of caution though, try not to eat too many processed vegan foods - just because its vegan doesn't mean its 100% healthy.  The way to a healthy vegan lifestyle is with whole foods, not processed.  Try and keep those meals for once or twice a week.  Eating cleanly is the key.

Where do I get my protein, on a Vegan diet?

ALL PROTEIN comes from plants - I will say that again 

ALL PROTEIN comes from plants.

The only reason protein is in meat, is because the animal has eaten it.  It is diluted and you are picking up lots of other things like hormones, fats and other yucky stuff.  So no need to worry about protein because on a Vegan diet, you are getting it straight from the source, and in higher, un-diluted levels.

B12 - I have heard Vegans lack this essential nutrient...

B12 is essential for the basic functions in your body such as cell metabolism, the nervous system and bone marrow.  It is vital we all have enough in our diets.  Some people do lack B12 in their diets.  But it might suppose you to know that a good percentage of those are meat eaters.  In fact there are more meat eating suffers of B12 deficiency than Vegans according to studies.  B12 is a micro-organism found in the soil.  It is in meat because animals are in contact with the iron and often eat things that are dirty.  We need around 2.5mgs a day to be healthy.  We can get this through a B12 vitamin - often found in multivitamins or via our food.  Most Vegans do just fine with levels of B12, from the plants and milks they drink but An addition supplement will not harm and ensures you receive enough B12 daily.  Lots of foods are fortified with B12 - check the food labels next time you shop, I think you will be surprised how much you actually consume.  

Can I build Muscle on a Vegan Diet?

You may have seen the headlines of many body builders and fitness instructors changing to a Vegan diet.  Many of them claim to have built muscle easier on a Vegan diet than the traditional steak and eggs diets!  Protein is the building blocks of Muscle.  Without a good supply, muscle will not build.  So a vegan diet is ideal, due to the higher levels of protein you will eat.

Is It more Eco-Friendly to be Vegan?

YES!  The biggest single impact you can have on the planet is to become vegan.  It is a far bigger saving than cutting down  flights or buying an electric car even, which only cuts down on emissions.  Studies at the University of Oxford found that cutting out dairy and meat  from your could reduce your carbon footprint from food alone, by up to 73%.   75% less land is needed to produce plant based foods, than to raise cattle.  and this is just the tip of the melting iceberg - if you also buy consciously with your toiletries and clothing it cuts it down even further.  Vegan life is the way to go if want to save the planet - if fact its our only choice.

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