24 March 2020

Keep Calm and make Bliss Balls...

It's very surreal in the world at the moment. Most of us are in a state of shock never have been in the situation before. Everyone is at risk, even more so the elderly and those with health conditions. I have 4 boys, 2 children with special needs and i have to say i am very worried too. Having to stay at home presents its own set of issues such as all being within the same 4 walls. We are only human and there are going to be times, i am sure, that we are going to clash. My son with Aspbergers, having had his whole routine completely thrown out the window is finding it particularly tough. But, like it or not, we need to find a way round this possible 12 week confined-to-quarters period of our lives. Baking is pretty much always my fall back position. It's also my everyday moving forward position! I learned to love cooking when i became vegan. I am not ashamed to say that go back a few years and i couldn't cook toast! That's the great thing about vegan food, i don't mean the processed meals you buy in the supermarket, but the colourful, vibrant food you cook at home. I know my meals and those of my children were definitely not as healthy as they should of been years ago. On the bright side i can say now that i KNOW my children have the best most balanced and immune boosting diet i can give them. My eldest son, who was shorter than my number 2 son, is shooting up now - all due to his body getting the vital foods it needs to develop. He is now 15, hormones galore! but i can see he is more focused and awake. He sleeps better and he enjoys everything - he even smiles! (those of you with a 15yr old will know what i mean). I can even allow myself a cheeky little smile to acknowledge that I rock!! lol.

As a mum, there are many things i think i could probably do better, which i strive to do. But knowing i have their healthy diets ticked off the list is a good thing - the best thing actually. It leads to so many other things in their lives, their diet, their health, is the basis for everything in my mind. For, by knowing my kiddies, especially at this time, have a great healthy diet means they are starting way ahead in this crisis of those who don't. Their immune systems are strong, largely due to the cocktail if you like, of veg and fruit that i get into them every single day. They have at least 3 portions of superfoods each day in porridge, smoothies, cakes or meals. (see our facebook page for the ones we recommend) They have tons of veg and fruit through the day and they are always grabbing dates, nuts or dried fruit to eat as and when they fancy a snack. It's actually great to not have to say to your children, what are you eating? thinking they are taking something bad for them from the pantry! All our foods in the house are good wholesome foods. My 7 year old loves olives to the point he will eat a whole jar given the chance and loves our chocolate lover superfood in his porridge. My 13 year old eats apples like a horse! My 15 year old is constantly making smoothies with superfoods, and my 11 year old cant get enough almond butter. I eat watercress, spinach and kale by the handful every-time i pass the fridge, I also grab nuts from our jars a lot through the day. My husband is constantly caught with his hand in the dried apricot and almond jars. These are good things! Very good things.

Now, i bet what you are thinking is, there is no way my child will eat apples, or dried fruit or nuts - well I am telling you that if you can achieve this. Introduce things a few at a time. Make them part of your everyday meals. encourage fruit, fresh or frozen in a shake. Mix them into other things you are cooking to start. Let those flavours and goodness marinate with your children/family members a while. Slowly introduce more and more and each time you do, drop something else that isn't good for you as you go. Slowly 1 by 1, you will change you or your families diet. It can be done. It wont happen overnight, but it can be done.

Try my recipe for bliss balls. You can play about with some of the ingredients if they don't suit you or you have allergies, but these go down a storm wherever i go. I take them to meetings, my boys have them in their pack lunches and a jar is always full of them on my breakfast bar for cheeky little snacks. The boys think they are getting a treat - i know they are getting strong and healthy x

Check out the video recipe on my facebook page support group.