10 December 2019

Loving the baubles!

So here we are again, can i hear you saying “blimey that’s come round fast”! Well it does seems to of again doesn’t it. It doesn’t help though when all the shops start selling things in flipping October so you just keep ignoring it. I’m just warming up now to feeling Christmassy.

My boys seem to change their minds each week on what they would like from Father Christmas so, despite everyone asking me “are you ready for Christmas?, I’m afraid I’m not. I shall no doubt start the panic next week, when it hits me a bit more.

Christmas is a time, that’s incredibly hard for some people. I lost my Mum a while ago to cancer and When you loose someone so close to you things are never the same. If you know someone who has lost someone close to them, particularly if they are alone, just go and check they are ok, just a phone call or a card or a quick coffee to let them know you are thinking of them. It also hard for a lot of families who struggle with day to day costs for food, heating, clothing etc to buy extra things and give their children or friends what they would like for Christmas. That’s why we are currently running our Christmas campaign of help for local families where we donate, with peoples help, clothings food and toys for them this Christmas.

I do think we really need to get away from the whole giving thing though. I’d much prefer someone took a few mins to grab a coffee and talk to me than bought me a present. Wouldn't it be great to move away from the retail and get back to what Christmas is supposed to be about - LOVE. Its so easily forgotten amongst the wrapping paper, bags of shopping and credit card bills. But it should be the thing at the front of our minds when we look around. I mean really look. In our high streets there are more people sleeping rough than i have ever seen. There are families in my road and town, who despite appearances are really struggling. They are one step away from losing everything they have. All it takes is the car to suddenly need some work this week and their allowance for food has gone. They may loose their job, then not be able to pay the bills. Next time you are out take a real look at people walking past you. People watch for a bit. Ask your neighbour, friends, and work colleagues - how are things for you at the moment? Sometimes all people want is a chance to chat, but no-one asks.

We decided not to put ourselves into debt this year again and just have a much simpler Christmas. My boys bless them, said they’d like just one present. They are doing their usual before Christmas toy sweep and we will be giving lots away to people in need, but wont be filling those gaps up again with more stuff. They actually want to see me, spend time with me. And I’m very much looking forward to that too. Its been a mad year - after being elected in May for the first time, my sons operations, trying to sell our house and getting my business up a level, there has been very few evenings free to do this. Its a huge Mummy guilt i carry. So this Christmas I will play games, run round the house in my PJs, build blanket tents with fairy lights in and read stories. Ill be present. No phones, computer off. They will have 100% of me. And to them, and me, thats much more of a Christmas than being surrounded by lots of new gifts we don’t really need, and a credit card bill i spend months paying of.....

Spend some time with someone this Christmas.

Give a gift - but make it you.

Samantha-Jayne xx