20 February 2020

Off on Vegan Holi-pops!

So going away for a few days can seem a bit daunting when you are vegan - especially if you are new to the world of veganism and still trying to work around menus when out eating. There is also the matter of where you go and stay that may offer a smaller impact than others, it can al be a bit mind boggling..

Well, my advice would be this. I guess taking is a break should be relaxing really, so just pick somewhere that's maybe reflects what you want to stand for and go from there. Do your homework before you go so you know options are out there and try not to stress about it too much.

We recently took 4 days break a centreparcs, in their Longleat Forest location. Our 4 boys couldn't get enough of the pool and being in a forest made my heart feel good. I realise there are compromises in building in that location but its good to be promoting a get out there are go do things state of mind for me. I love the faction have to cycle around the site or use their land dot type train. I also love to watch the extended families there some with 3 or 4 generations all away together. I went there several years ago with my family before my mum died of cancer too so it holds some memories for me and the older boys.

We basically spend 4 days going wrinkly in the pool! but there was a chance do this as a family, which is rare with our busy lifestyles. We had some short walks about amongst the trees, enjoying the air, albeit freezing! The older boys did some cycling in the forest too.

The cafes and restaurants on site were not great (i have written to them, giving my thoughts) but there were some vegan options. My main issue was the total lack of healthy foods. Quite disappointing really these days. Its all fast food. We mainly cooked ourselves, we always take loads of food with us. We did eat out at 2 places on site, and I've made a few reviews on my Facebook page too, and there will be something on my YOU TUBE channel, coming this week. It was ok, expensive-ish, but all these places are. I was left craving fresh, especially green foods during the whole stay! Overall we had a great time though - it flew by, as it always does on holiday, but I'm glad we went. We were lucky to be able to go in school term with special permission due to our sons operations happening later in the year. I really wanted us to all go and enjoy some time, with Noah being about to walk about a bit before his op. so overall id say its a good place to go as a vegan for a break. It has trees, some food, brings you a bit closer to nature and gives an opportunity to be with those you love, which, is after all, the main idea. Samantha-Jayne x