26 January 2021

Vegan Smoothies are the answer...

Yes, we all know Smoothies are healthy and Vegan and yummy and all that, but could they be the thing that saves your health in Covid?  With very little time to do anything, not being able to get out, and with home schooling over Covid putting pressure on so many families - Smoothies are a great way to add essential vitamins quickly.  I have a few recipes on my website and more in my ebook - see further down.

We are huge fans of these vibrant drinks in our household.  All my boys enjoy them and I know they are healthy because of it.  My teenager at one time really struggled with eating.  Not sure if it was a case of could not be bothered!, or just did not know what to eat, until I got him into smoothies.  I saw a rapid increase in his growth when he started drinking smoothies, after all, they are health in a cup right?

Well like everything, there are good and bad things you can put in a smoothie.  While every fruit and vegetable is good, adding in those sweeteners may not be.  Adding in a teaspoon of almond butter to the mix is good, but start adding chocolate powders, tons of nuts and fats and it will be working against you if you are not careful.

So what is a good smoothie?

As always there is a balance to be had.  I always start with the liquid (you can top it up later if needed) as it prevents things sticking to the blender.  Using any plant based milk is a great choice - check labels to see which offers you the most nutrition.  I love cashew milk as a base, its creamy and full of healthy fats, proteins and a mix of V&M (vitamins and minerals).  but you may prefer oat or coconut as its much sweeter.  If you are trying to loose weight you can forgo the milk altogether and just use water - or coconut water is also an excellent alternative as nutrient dense.

Next you want to think about fruit.

I prefer using frozen fruit but fresh is great too.  Frozen fruits are normally cheaper to buy and on hand straight from the freezer.  They also have the added advantage of being already cold, so no additional ice is needed which can make your smoothie overly watery sometimes.  Blueberries are amongst my favourite fruits, then any red berries, mango and pineapple.  It all depends on your taste, buy what you love.  In terms of amounts it is easy to get carried away with this - I often see my sons pouring a whole cup full from the bag into the blender.  You on need 1/4 to a half cup for a great smoothie.  Remember although healthy, fruits do carry sugars.

Should I add a superfood or protein powder?

Up to you.  I do add protein and supergreens to my smoothies all the time.  This is one way smoothies can help your health, because if you are so short on time cooking a "healthy" meal is impossible - drinking a healthy smoothie which takes 5 mins will be of far greater benefit.  drinking a few spoonfuls of superfood in your smoothie, equivalent to a plate of green veg is also much easier.

To ice or not to ice?

As I mentioned earlier adding ice if using frozen fruit is not really necessary but if you crave a super cold, brain freezing smoothie - then go for it!

And finally veg...

Yes I know, the idea of a vegetable smoothie may sound horrid but it can be surprisingly good!  my favourite smoothies are green ones in fact.  You can add just about anything you like and add maybe half a banana to it too to add a bit of sweetness or some dates.  Bet you didn't think of dates?!  I often add coriander, kale, spinach and avocado as a base of a green smoothie.  All fresh veg - although if you buy frozen avocado it is much cheaper and again cools the smoothie.

So, if you are short of time, grab a smoothie.  Have frozen veg on hand, plant milks on the shelf and away you go.  Its a healthy meal in a cup and much better thank grabbing those biscuits to tide you over...

My e-book, has some great smoothie recipes as well as ideas on what to store in your freezer and cupboard for instant healthy meals.  Buy it on my website, instant download. *** 

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