20 January 2020

Sunday Roasts - A thing of the past?

So let's face it Sunday Roasts, a tradition of a lot of families in this country, do seem to have a bit of a damper on them when becoming vegan don't you think? Im not so sure though, yes its a change but it doesn't have to be a day not to look forward too, does it?

Sundays were a day I loved as a child. It was a family day, a quiet, no running around day with a fairly fixed layout. Often a day when extended family came for lunch or we went to them. Seeing cousins, grandparents etc was lovely and something I shall remember always. I guess it kind of had the same feeling as Christmas and New Years Day for me. A feeling of belonging, and big lunches and then older people dozing off on the sofa. The day would normally start with a bit of a lay in, (although somehow in my house now, with my children, this doesn't work:() Then we would proceed to a leisurely breakfast, normally cooked, and then dressed and off to church. Before leaving for church my mum would pop a roast in the oven, so when we walked back in the door around lunchtime you had the whole house smelling of roast. The fire was lit, we played games and then we all tucked into a huge roast dinner with pudding and all. Delightful. Or so I thought at the time - clearly now I realise the actual main roast was far from delightful.

Of course the roast dinner is a symbol of all that is Sunday to some people. As Vegans I do also think this. The sentimentality behind it is the same its just we are removing the animal part. We still have an amazing Sunday lunch. This week the whole family actually eat our dinner around the television, watching a family favourite film. We enjoyed an amazingly colourful dinner consisting of some cooked and some raw ingredients. As you can see from the photo. Also I LOVE roast potatoes. Just because we are not roasting meat doesn't mean we can't roast something yummy. Now I must say I don't have roast potatoes that often, but they were fab. (Secretly I do always hope there are some left over though for cold potato the next day). We had Vegan chilli (recipe can be found on my you tube channel) and roasted peppers and courgettes, shredded white cabbage raw, raw spinach tossed in a little chilli oil and an amazing Cauliflower cheese. I think we hit most colours of the rainbow! which is always a good thing to do in any meal - ensuring you have a range of vitamins and antioxidants. Our children are aged 7-15 and each one enjoyed it all. I didn't miss a "MAIN" part to the meal - in fact in vegan cooking I feel there are no main parts, just lots of parts that make up the meal as a whole. Getting that idea of one thing and bits around it, meal mentality, is a hurdle I think a lot of new vegans hit. But you will get over it, trust me it comes after a while, once your brain is re-trained.

I hope you had an amazing weekend and some awesome food. I hope you had some family time, some good laughs and got to turn the speed dial down a bit even if for a few hours. We should all stop a bit at a weekend. Gain our energy for the week ahead and reflect on the week past. Speak soon. SJ x