15 April 2020

Superfoods, how Super are they, and how Super do you need to be..

Superfoods are a buzz word been about for a while now. so what are they?

Well a superfood is a nutrient dense formula normally in a granulated or powered form that you add to foods to make you healthier. This works because not only are you gaining the nutrients from the foods you have mixed it with but you've boosted it many times over with just a teaspoon or two of powder. Eating the amount of fruit and veg and knowing how much each day can be tricky to work out, expensive, and hard to eat in large amounts. If you can boost your already good diet with just a few teaspoons a day much like taking a supplement its a no-brainer in my book. I mean who wouldn't want to be as Super as they could be right!

Ive used superfoods for around 2 years solidly now. I used them before too but only occasionally as i couldn't actually find one that tasted any good and wasn't loaded with sugar. There is little point in adding superfoods if the mixture also adds things that are not good for your body in my view. Also given they can be quite expensive, if you are not enjoying them why bother!

As a Vegan nutritionalist i read every single packet of ingredients, of the items i buy. Be it food, shampoo or superfoods - much to the frustration of my children who are shopping with me, as i stand there for 20mins looking up ingredients i have never heard of. I've come to the conclusion that if i can't find a simple answer to a question of what is this mystery ingredient, then the chances are its mixed up with something the producers know we wouldn't like. So its probably been renamed into a fancy word that no-one can quite get to the bottom of. So to say it took me ages to find something i liked and could clearly see what was in it, is an understatement. I started selling Your Super, a superfood range founded by a couple called Micheal and Kristel, who originally started sourcing superfoods when Micheal was diagnosed with cancer at 24. He rebuilt his immune system from whole foods and a mixture of superfoods, recovered from cancer, and that is how they started their company. They seem to be a very ethical company, something again i look into for everything i use, and they give back a lot through the charity Action Against Hunger. In fact each pot you buy they donate a packet of life saving food to children suffering from malnutrition. The powders are ORGANIC, GM-FREE, VEGAN, and RAW for those following a raw diet.

Now as anyone who knows me will tell you, i sell very little products, and certainly nothing i do not use myself. I have used these superfoods for 2 years, i sell locally to a few people and until recently they were available on my website. (my new website is being re-build so i only have skeleton site up at the moment). Over the next few days i will be highlighting with a video which superfoods you should be using, why, how much and be giving you the prices, to buy direct via my facebook page.

My 4 boys have 3 helpings of these a day like clockwork. It's become part of our everyday routine. They use them in smoothies, porridge and drinks through the day. They think they are getting a treat as they taste so yummy, i know i'm keeping them healthy. :)

I add them to my cooking dishes, baking and in my water bottle when out for a walk/run. I am well known as the lady who carries a green, purple or weird looking water bottle about! (Im hoping thats not all i am known for).

So if you are wondering should i be using these - yes you should. If you want advice on which brand this is the one i recommend after trying lots on the high street, but choose whichever you feel comfortable buying. Great for adults and kiddies, as used by us...

Samantha-Jayne x