31 October 2019

Vegan children, how to bring up healthy, planet conscious kids..

Ok so you've taken the first step and swapped out a few things, stopped buying meat for yourself, and hubby maybe, but are totally stuck with your Childrens diet? It's totally normal to feel stumped on this and you certainly are not alone, but you have to start adapting your little loved ones food, and here's how and why...

Children really are amazing human beings, I love to sit and listen to them talk because their conversations can be precious. We have 4 boys aged 7,11,13 & 15. They were very much leading alongside me the change when we swapped to a vegan diet and plant based recipes. I shared with them the things I had read about the meat and dairy industry that made me sad. I literally stopped and cried for ages.

Children, as children will, quite simply asked but why would someone do that? They as I, love animals and it sometimes is as simple as talking to them to say why you don't think you should continue eating something for them to agree, and it not be an issue. My son was 4 at the time we changed our diet, and that black and white thinking of Childrens right verses wrong is an amazing attribute so often lost to adults.

From that day on, all the boys haven't ever asked for sweeties for example, that they know contain animal products - yes they say "I wish they made this in a vegan way so I could eat it", I do the same, but not once have I ever had any fuss when they've picked up a bag of sweets and I've said "I'm sorry guys we can't eat that".

Read to them, tell them about the orangutans and palm oil. Take them to an eco rally and tree planting days - this is their planet, after we are gone. Make them meals kids love. They need to see the right way to do things and how to nurture our planet. And no, in my opinion, you shouldn't encourage them in meat eating if that's what they want. I don't eat meat and dairy aside from the animals cruelty (which is never really aside), because of the damage its doing to my health - so why on earth would I give that to my children! And the same logic goes to feeding my dogs. After all did you know that the single biggest impact you can have on climate change is to BECOME VEGAN - so why wouldn't you want them to do that!

Not buying so many store bought items also has spurred a lot more baking in our house. Which can never be a bad thing! They love making up recipes for foods they love to eat, maybe something they haven't found in the shops that they miss. We make everything from our own cheese to cakes to houmous to chocolate bars! Baking is an incredible education on so many levels and its definitely brought us closer together. We also grow some of our own food, its great for the kids to see but also sparks so many questions and thoughts. Cut out plastic from your home, explain why to the children and look things up, share, discover and learn with them. You'll be amazed how they run with it.

Keep an eye on our website for recipes, we upload new ones all the time.

The more you share information about animals, health, the planet and being conscious of things around you the more your children will want to join in. Someone said to me once when we were out. Are you all vegan? I said yes - she replied "that's some pretty powerful parenting right there". It really took me by surprise, but ive taken that compliment. I am trying to parent in a green way, a take care of those around you way, and a value every life way. I'm raising a band of eco-warriors and im so proud of them, it makes we well up when I see how determined and fearless they are. LOVE YOU GUYS.

Start by trying to swap out some basic foods they love - like this recipe for vegan ice cream. Its much healthier than store bought ice cream and its instant. don't buy tubs make your own in a flash.

NICE CREAM: freeze 4 bananas (cut them into chunks before freezing and lay out on a baking tray or wire rack in the freezer). Add frozen bananas to a high speed blender, with a handful of frozen berries or mango chunks, make sure to add a tablespoon or 2 of superfood powers and ta-da! instant ice cream - serve straight away. Ice cream, without added sugars and sweeteners. A firm fav in our household.

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